With the abundance of information in which we live, the messages compete for our attention and only the strongest pass the filter, potentially directing the viewer to the next step of the buyer’s journey. In addition, the video allows you to offer much more information to your audience, in less time.


We start with the stories and we end up in the analysis – what are the steps of producing video marketing?



1. Content

We have all seen the movie that is technically amazing, but the story does not excite us. Or an advertising video that says everything you need to buy the product, but it does not make us see it as part of our daily life. In these cases the problem is storytelling, which should be the first point considered.


How do you address the problems and challenges of your audience in a way that leaves them with a memory, an emotion? With the abundance of content and messages that surround us, be brave and reveal something interesting of yourself.


At the same time be sure to focus on the problem of the audience. Create value and educate your viewer on the subject that interests you, and will seek information again with you. Be concrete and use examples from real life to engage them in history. And lately, instead of having perspective in us, having it in them – how we can transform their life.



2. Production

Although the content goes first, do not post material that is not of professional quality. Professional style and quality are indispensable for your viewers to create your message. To produce a professional video you no longer need to hire a professional team or spend a lot of money. Know the editing tools and make sure you upload your video in HD. Also, practice in front of the camera and record several shots to notice the differences and select the best ones in your video.


With these tips there is no excuse for your video not to look like a pro. When you have the experience, consider doing live streaming, what more and more brands are using as part of their marketing mix.



3. Distribution

The use of videos in blogs, marketing and advertising has exploded for the past two years. Today we have several types of tools to ensure that our video will reach the people who are asking the questions we address in our video.


Optimization and SEO are the principles to ensure your content appears in your audience searches. From the original platform, spread your content in relevant social networks. Do not limit yourself to a single network, but be sure to differentiate your material between different networks. Each one has its types of users and reasons for use, and what works in one may not work in another. In addition, we can use tools like Google AdWords and Facebook for Business to focus your material to the desired audiences.



4. Analysis

If you are starting to produce videos and the process is new for you, do not be afraid to try different themes and techniques. Having different material you can analyze what worked and what did not. This process allows you to quickly learn what works best for your business goals.


Trust in the data and don’t waste your time doing things that do not work. Set your KPIs (Key Performance Indicator), and consider how best you can get the information you need. Several distribution networks have their own analysis (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn). However, if you want to invest more time and resources, consider using one of the marketing automation programs to get more data and use it in the way that most helps your company.



5. Repetition

As you have started to produce your videos, do not stop the rhythm. Work together with the different departments of your company to find out which information is your audience  looking for and what are the latest trends in your specialty subjects. Build your video marketing strategy based on your needs.


You’re ready to start getting more followers and customers through video marketing! Do you want to add something in this post? We appreciate your comments!


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