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Some of the most common challenges for marketers are campaign planning, dissemination to the right channels, and analysis of results. If your outreach strategy is successful and you are finding and watching your video, your next challenge is most likely how to get more clients with video marketing.


The essential thing is how you have been able to use the different broadcast channels so that your video has reached your buyer personas – and how you get them to your website.


In this blog you will discover why is YouTube a very functional channel, and how to direct the potential customer later on the buyers’ journey after having seen your video.


Your video has views = the campaign is working!


If you think like a traditional marketer, just based on the views you think that the campaign is going great and start waiting for customer calls …. But why care about how many people have view your video if you can’t know who they were? Of course, in case your video becomes viral and becomes a phenomenon.


Meanwhile we have to know who are the people that’s reaching our content, so we can guide content directed to the next step of buyers’ journey and thus get more customers with our video marketing activities.



YouTube is essential in your strategy

Using YouTube to broadcast your videos is probably an easy choice, if not obvious. It is the second largest search engine in the world, right after Google. Google also owns it, so Google searches are favorable to YouTube videos. For your buyer to find your video, be sure to check the settings, titles and descriptions.

Most of all buying processes start with a Google search. That is why it is essential to produce content about the subjects on which your buyer personas are looking for information. Although the ultimate goal is to get customers with video marketing and the potential customer to reach your website and contact you about your products or services, the process of inbound marketing begins with the educational content that gives you information about some challenge or problem you have . It is not until the next steps that you should mention your products or services and start talking about them.



How to get your lead to go from YouTube to your web page?

There are several techniques to try to attract the viewer to your web page. A free and simple tool are annotations. However it’s good to remember that lately everything depends on the content and the quality and uniqueness of your product or service.


The annotation is a square that appears on your video and directs the viewer to continue watching the next video. That’s why a good content planning is to choose a topic and produce 2-3 videos of the same – proceeding from the general to more and more specific.


A similar tool is a “letter” above the video that contains an invitation to know your channel and give a look at the material you have. You can also direct it to your website – but be careful not to promote your product too soon. In this step consider taking it to your blog or other content on the page that offers you more interesting information but still does not suggest buying.


We hope these tips have been a great help. You have questions? would you like to add something to this post? We look forward to your comments in the box below this post!


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