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Do you want to start using storytelling in your marketing on social networks, but do not know how to start? Building your marketing activities in social networks around stories helps you differentiate yourself from other brands and capture the attention of consumers.


In this blog you will discover how to use storytelling in your marketing in social networks.


Divide your story into 5 parts.

A framework used in many creative works to structure storytelling is the Freytag Pyramid. This structure divides the narrative into five parts, evoking a series of emotional reactions from your audience. The parts are exposure, increasing dramatic tension, climax, downward dramatic action and resolution.


It is not necessary to use the parts exactly as the model indicates, but having the structure in mind will help you create an emotional connection with consumers and invite them to follow you.


In 2014 the brand of Jaguar cars launched a campaign with David Beckham in China with the goal of reaching the users of the local social networks WeChat and Weibo. Before revealing the ambassador to the audience they created suspense by asking the audience the identity of “Mr. Jaguar”. During the campaign they left traces of their identity to consumers creating traction.


This strategy was very successful with about 50 thousand users of the network sharing during the start of the campaign, and another 30 thousand to intrude David Beckham as “Mr. Jaguar.”


Sequence your advertising to create stories.

According to the recent study The Power of Storytelling on Facebook IQ digital storytelling can have a direct impact on sales. According to the study, brands that tell a story to their audiences before inviting them to buy their products are much more likely to grow their sales through social networks.


It was discovered that by starting to streamline their marketing on Refinery29 social networks, an independent fashion and lifestyle page had a 56% growth in conversion and 87% growth in views. They also detected a 7%increase in store sales and 10% online.


Align your story with your audience’s values

The great tendency of marketing is to reduce the orientation to the product, and to concentrate on the consumer and its values. This comes naturally in social networks, where you have to determine a target group of consumers, build a communication strategy for your brand (read: give consumers a reason to believe in your brand) and create online and offline spaces to spread your stories to your audience.


This approach is very effective because it forces you to think about the identity of your brand and create both competitive differentiation and price flexibility. Both factors will directly affect your balance.


Tell local stories

Narratives that we see today in social networks are more global than ever, and the same contents and services are consumed in the six continents.


However, marketers should not forget that people are often proud of their origin and their people, city or country and opt for local companies in social networks as in the real world.


Connecting in the life of the community is natural for a small company, but it is also essential for multinationals who do not want to appear distant despite their international presence. Dedicating to create local content to connect with consumers in their own environment and culture is one of the most important marketing strategies used by companies operating in the international market.


Emphasize your value proposition

Another framework, produced by the consulting firm McKinsey called S-C-R (situation, complication, resolution) can help you create a story that is powerful and cohesive, and represents the value proposition of your brand.


Maybe you’re thinking how to get rid of the other competing brands from the attention of the same audiences.

There are lots of examples of storytelling techniques that can inspire you to start your next campaignon social networks. They all have some key things in common: they have a coherent and easy to understand message, they are being disseminated in the correct networks according to the type of brand, campaign and user and they are authentic.


Now you can start planning your marketing activities based on storytelling on social networks! Do you want to add something in this post? We look forward to your comment!


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