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When we talk about Social Media, many people tend to think that it’s just a way to get friends, meet people from different places or maybe they are only useful to know the lives of others.


However, these types of platforms have helped many traders and companies to expand rapidly around the world, achieving the expansion of their businesses and increasing their income steadily and permanently.

Inbound Marketing has managed to use these platforms to attract, convert, close and delight customers of those companies who decided to implement Inbound strategies in their businesses.


Inbound marketing is made up of three types of actions: Web positioning, content marketing and Social Media marketing. It is known as attraction marketing.


This non-intrusive advertising whose purpose is that the user itself get close to the offers and business services of the advertiser or creator of content. In this case, we will talk about the inbound marketing applied to Social Networks.




The growth of inbound marketing actions on social media has made it much easier to find useful information and learn new marketing trends.


Today, inbound marketing in social media has become a necessary aspect of building a strong and profitable business; and more day by day. Also let have in mind that our competence; is most likely using it.

Let’s talk about Which actions can you take to generate more income from Social Media?




Since you will be generating content for your website with your Inbound Strategy, it’s important that you publish the same content on your Social Media.


This will help your Blogs, Ebooks, etc … Reach more people who may not have visited your page. This way, you will attract more visitors and manage to close more deals every time.




As your subscriber rate grows, you can launch campaigns with questions regarding your posts or even what information they would like to find on your profile.


By doing this, you will have more knowledge of the interests of the people who visit you. You will be able to publish more interesting content to the users and they will recommend your page, making your rate of subscribers grow more every day.


Keep in mind that the more subscribers or visitors you have, the more opportunities to sell. Starting with them, focus on generating many Buyer’s Personas, to close very good deals and earn more money.




By the time you have managed to have many subscribers, you are likely beginning to realize the problems that lead each of their lives.


Don’t keep the questions users ask you, other than answering them, ask them what else you can do for them. Deeply knowing them is the best way to help them solve their problems.


If your product or service can solve the problem  of the user he will recommend you with other users.

Always focus on the users, they are the ones who will finally buy or use your products and services. Having a happy customer, guarantees a loyal customer and therefore, a customer promoting your brand.




As social media continues to gain popularity, the most likely and predictable is that they become day-to-day in the most competitive field of advertising. Even so, let’s remember that inbound marketing not only focuses on attraction advertising actions in Social Media, but is completed with content marketing and web positioning.


In any case, the number of users who respond to advertising and promotions on social networks is also expected to increase, as it is becoming the preferred place of many important advertising channel advertisers; Although not forgetting other web spaces and other communication media.


We hope these tips, have been of great help. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions in the box below this post. If you want to know more about Inbound marketing subscribe to our blog, or Subscribe to our youtube channel!


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